_ During a time in medicine where the standard of care is most often a prescription, this is one prescription that I can get behind. EXERCISE. Yes, simple and effective, heavily researched and easy to do.

The human body is very dynamic; it is designed to move for optimal health. Our sedentary lifestyles are negatively affecting every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies. As natural health-care providers, chiropractors adjust the body to improve balance, alignment and motion for improved overall health and well-being. Exercise also helps to improve overall health and significantly lowers the risk for many diseases. Combining these two treatments is a very powerful way to improve your health.

These two links and the video above are reminders for people of all ages to GET ACTIVE at home and at work. Find an exercise partner and enjoy your new found health!

Sweden's Seniors are "stayin' alive" with exercise

CBC "Improve your Health at Work"