Happy New Year!
A time for resolutions! Here's a common one, get ACTIVE. Commit to an exercise program and you'll be happy you did! Find an exercise partner to encourage you when you do not want to hit the gym, yoga mat or slopes. Add it to your schedule  & prioritize it. Get a gym membership and sign up with a personal trainer or enroll in fitness classes. It will not only help you shed the holiday baking but also improve your overall health, physical AND mental. I want you to feel AMAZING in 2012.


Be PROACTIVE about your health. Another large study supporting a healthy active lifestyle. If you have any questions about starting an exercise program, about injury prevention or on achieving optimal health, make an appointment and come in to see Dr. Vermander!

_ During a time in medicine where the standard of care is most often a prescription, this is one prescription that I can get behind. EXERCISE. Yes, simple and effective, heavily researched and easy to do.

The human body is very dynamic; it is designed to move for optimal health. Our sedentary lifestyles are negatively affecting every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies. As natural health-care providers, chiropractors adjust the body to improve balance, alignment and motion for improved overall health and well-being. Exercise also helps to improve overall health and significantly lowers the risk for many diseases. Combining these two treatments is a very powerful way to improve your health.

These two links and the video above are reminders for people of all ages to GET ACTIVE at home and at work. Find an exercise partner and enjoy your new found health!

Sweden's Seniors are "stayin' alive" with exercise

CBC "Improve your Health at Work"

Hey Kids & Teens & Parents!!!

Physical activity is essential for a healthy mind and body.  Sports are awesome, but getting hurt can take the fun out of the game.

Here are 6 ways to AVOID sports injuries:

1. Get a check-up with your chiropractor to make sure your body is ready for action!
2. Wear protective gear, such as helmets, protective pads, etc.
3. Warm up and cool down. This includes sport-specific, light, aerobic activity and stretching before and after sports.  This is key to performance and to avoiding injury.
4. Know the rules of the game. They are there for a reason!
5. Watch out for others. Be aware of those around you.
6. Don't play when you are injured. This may make your injury worse.

For TREATMENT, use the RICE principles:
Rest  - whatever body part is hurt

Ice – use it where it hurts

Compression – wrap the body part with a bandage (or Immobilize if a fracture is suspected)

Elevate - the injured part

NUTRITION: Eat a well-balanced meal, including a daily Multivitamin. Avoid junk food and soft drinks because they are low on nutrients and they may weaken your bones. Supplements like Glucosamine Sulfate and Calcium/Magnesium can BOOST your bone and joint health so your body is strong and ready for the playground, rink, field or mountains. Ask the Naturopaths at back to wellness centre for more information or visit Klinik, a health collective to speak with a Holistic Nutrionist. Chiropractic care is available a both locations.

CHIROPRACTIC: A chiropractor is a doctor who specializes in nerve, muscle and joint problems. A chiropractor uses their hands to move the joints in the spine, this is called an ‘adjustment’. The adjustment stimulates the nervous system and the healing process. It also reduces joint irritation, muscle tension and pain. Most chiropractors will also do some muscle treatment and even teach you exercises to help you avoid becoming injured and missing your favorite activities. Just like brushing your teeth protects you from cavities, visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis is excellent for keeping you and your spine healthy and feeling great!

Remember, if you do get injured, tell your coach or a parent.  Also, go to your chiropractor or doctor to get a professional opinion on what is injured and to determine the best type of care for a speedy recovery. This will get you back to optimal health and your sport QUICKLY.

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Adapted from: http://kidshealth.org/

The blossoms are out and things are greening up nicely around the lower mainland. With Spring’s arrival, most people increase their activity level significantly with walking more, jogging, cycling, spring cleaning, golfing and gardening.

Increased daylight and the warmth of the sun on our faces are often accompanied by increased rates of injury as people get outside after a long winter of being sedentary. Golfing and gardening tend to be the leading cause of springtime injuries as they introduce movements and positions that the body has not experienced for months.

It is not surprising to learn that many people suffer from muscle fatigue, low back strains and sprains, even shoulder and wrist injuries. It is easy to over do it, as your body may not communicate the harmful positions or movements to you right away.

Golfers: Before heading out to the course for a round with your shiny new Callaways, head to the range first and only hit a small bucket the first day. Work your way up to the large or jumbo bucket over a few days of practice before hitting the links. Also, take a lesson, as poor swing mechanics are a leading cause of golfing injuries. Your body will feel better and score will be lower!

Gardeners: Getting the raised beds prepped for seedlings can be hard on the body due to sustained postures. Plan for breaks and switch tasks often. When working on the garden, try squatting or kneeling rather than bending. Keep your work close to you to avoid reaching. Think about doing less - divide the work over a few days and evenings with shorter sessions. Consider ergonomic tools to take the load off your back. This way you won’t miss the sunny gardening days due to injury!

Here are a few tips to prevent injury:

Check-up: Chiropractic care will ensure that your body is aligned and moving well before, during and after resuming your favorite activity. Your chiropractor will assist you in preventing injury and staying healthy.

Baby steps: Work your way up to a full session of activity.

Warm up always: Start your activity with a 5-10 minute walk.

Stretch: Before AND after! Stretch key muscle groups for your activity, hold the stretch at least 30 seconds. Ask your chiropractor about which stretches are right for you.

Cool down: A casual walk around the block will promote recovery from your activity.

Natural Supplements: There are many natural products for muscle and joint pain - ask your health care provider what’s right for you.

Exercise is essential for over-all health.  Please do it safely and pain-free!! Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise or activity.

If you have new or chronic back, neck or joint pain, contact Back to Wellness to book an appointment with Dr. Eric Vermander.
A new study from the acclaimed medical journal Spine has correlated the link between regular chiropractic care and improved health. 

Results from a group of low back pain patients that received chiropractic treatments over a 10-month period were found to have better results regarding post-treatment pain and disability levels than patients who stopped treatment after 1 month of care. The maintenance care patients also had improved lumbar mobility and better perceptions of their general health than their no maintenance counterparts.

This scientific evidence supports what chiropractors and chiropractic patients have know for a long time. Furthermore, these results can be applied to the whole spine. Adjusting slows degenerative processes, prevents injuries and patients have more vitality with monthly or bi-monthly chiropractic maintenance care.

If you have new or chronic back, neck or joint pain, contact Back to Wellness to book an appointment with Dr. Eric Vermander.