Happy New Year!
A time for resolutions! Here's a common one, get ACTIVE. Commit to an exercise program and you'll be happy you did! Find an exercise partner to encourage you when you do not want to hit the gym, yoga mat or slopes. Add it to your schedule  & prioritize it. Get a gym membership and sign up with a personal trainer or enroll in fitness classes. It will not only help you shed the holiday baking but also improve your overall health, physical AND mental. I want you to feel AMAZING in 2012.


Be PROACTIVE about your health. Another large study supporting a healthy active lifestyle. If you have any questions about starting an exercise program, about injury prevention or on achieving optimal health, make an appointment and come in to see Dr. Vermander!

A new study from the acclaimed medical journal Spine has correlated the link between regular chiropractic care and improved health. 

Results from a group of low back pain patients that received chiropractic treatments over a 10-month period were found to have better results regarding post-treatment pain and disability levels than patients who stopped treatment after 1 month of care. The maintenance care patients also had improved lumbar mobility and better perceptions of their general health than their no maintenance counterparts.

This scientific evidence supports what chiropractors and chiropractic patients have know for a long time. Furthermore, these results can be applied to the whole spine. Adjusting slows degenerative processes, prevents injuries and patients have more vitality with monthly or bi-monthly chiropractic maintenance care.

If you have new or chronic back, neck or joint pain, contact Back to Wellness to book an appointment with Dr. Eric Vermander.